Journal Publications

Comparative Study of Intel R200, Kinect v2, and Primesense RGB-D Sensors Performance OutdoorsYau W.K., Ng. O.E., Lee S.W.IEEE Sensors Journal
Effect of Image Distortion on Facial Age and Gender Classification Performance of Convolutional Neural NetworksNg, C.B., Lo, W.H.IOP Publishing
Understanding of e-Commerce Adoption in Malaysia and the Mediation Effects of Perceived Strategic ValueSeng Chee Lim, Xiu Ying Pan, Seng Poh Lim, Chen Kang Lee, Joi San TanJournal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems
An Empirical Investigation on Adoption of ICT into Teaching based on Gender DifferencesSeng Chee Lim, Seng Poh Lim, Chen Kang Lee, Sii Ngie Yiung, Pradeep IsawasanJournal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems
Dimensionality Reduction for Predicting Student Performance in Unbalanced Data SetsTheng-Wai Lim, Keng-Hoong Ng, Kok Chin KhorInternational Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and its applications, International center for scientific research and studies (ICSRS)
Modelling Reliable Intelligent Blockchain with Architectural PatternSin-Ban Ho, Nur Azyyati Ahmad, Ian Chai, Chuie-Hong Tan, and Swee-Ling CheanAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC)
ADAPTIVE DETECTION OF FOREX REPETITIVE CHART PATTERNSYoke Leng Yong, Yunli Lee, and David Chek Ling NgoPattern Analysis and Applications
IMPULSIVE NOISE REDUCTION IN POWER LINE COMMUNICATION USING ADAPTIVE FORWARD ERROR CORRECTION FILTER.Joliz Anton, Nair Madhavan, Bok-Min Goi, Ezra Morris and Mohanaprasad KothandaramanARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
A real time aggressive human behaviour detection system in cage environment across multiple camerasPhooi Yee Lau, Hock Woon Hon, Zulaikha Kadim, Kim Meng LiangInternational Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics
Real-Time Driver Alert System Using Raspberry PiJie Yi Wong, Phooi Yee LauECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications
A Multiple Classifiers System for Anomaly Detection in Credit Card Data With Unbalanced and Overlapped ClassesSN Kalid, KH Ng, GK Tong, Kok Chin Khor. IEEE Access
An impact of time and item influencer in collaborative filtering recommendations using graph-based modelMK Najafabadi, A Mohamed, CW OnnInformation Processing & Management
Validation of Pictorial Mood Assessment with Ottawa Mood Scales and the Positive and Negative Affect Scale for Young AdultsMei-Yi Wong, Paul, E. Croarkin, Chen Kang Lee & Poh Foong LeeCommunity Mental Health Journal
IoT-Based Fire Safety System Using MQTT Communication ProtocolSee Yuen Chark, Ho En XiangInternational Journal of Integrated Engineering
A Two-Phase Distributed Ruin-and-RecreateGenetic Algorithm for Solving the Vehicle RoutingProblem With Time WindowsThau-Soon Khoo, Babrdel Bonab Mohammad, Voon-Hee Wong, Yong-Haur Tay, And Madhavan NairIEEE Access

Conference Publications

Data Integration for Smart Cities: Opportunities and ChallengesSimon Lau Boung YewSixth International Conference on Computational Science and Technology (ICCST 2019)
IOT BASED SMART WALL OUTLETSee Yuen Chark4th International Conference and Workshops on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering –ICRAIE 2019
Engineering Meaningful Computing Education: Programming Learning Experience ModelChean Swee Ling2019 International Conference on Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management in the IEEM 2019
Determinants of E-commerce Continuance Intention among SMEs in Perak, Malaysia: An Empirical StudyLee Chen KangInternational Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance, and Economics (BAFE 2019)
A Dot-Probe Paradigm for Attention Bias Detection in Young AdultsLee Chen Kang3rd International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering & Life Sciences (ICIBEL 2019)
Imperative Selection Intensity of Parent Selection Operator in Evolutionary Algorithm for Nurse Scheduling ProblemLim Huai Tein4th International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology 2019
Heuristics in Generalized Assignment ProblemLim Huai Tein1st Asia International Conference of Science
A New Swarm-Based Simulated Annealing Hyper-Heuristic Algorithm for Clustering ProblemMohammad Babrdel Bonab16th International Learning & Technology Conference 2019
Pre-Decision Criteria for Successful Information Technology Project Implementation: Six Sigma Practices and ApproachWong Whee Yen7th IEEE Conference on Systems, Process and Control (ICSPC2019)
The Practical Implication of Software Quality Assurance of Change Control Management: Why Overall IT Project Activities Matters?Wong Whee Yen7th IEEE Conference on Systems, Process and Control (ICSPC2019)
Six Sigma Practices and Implementation for Information Technology Project: Key Questions to Guide Better Understanding and Decision MakingWong Whee Yen16th IEEE Colloquium on Signal Processing and its Applications (CSPA 2020)
A Preliminary Study on Student Learning Difficulties in Engineering Mechanics Dynamics Lee Chen KangThe 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia (ICIMU 2020)
IoT Based Using MQTT Communication ProtocolSee Yuen Chark3rd International Conference on Smart Sensors and Application (ICSSA)