about us

Imagining the Future

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Applications focuses on Artificial Intelligence and other computing applications, including:-

  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Analytics
  • Software engineering
  • Web systems
  • E-commerce
Research Groups

What we do

CAICA has established two research groups with specific expertise and foci. The areas of research handled by these groups are distinct, but with some overlap.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

This area of focus encompasses the application of advanced AI techniques to provide practical solutions to research and business problems. CAICA researchers are particularly capable in the areas of computer vision/image processing, machine learning/prediction, NLP, autonomous systems, and networking.

Software Engineering

This area of focus encompasses the practice of software, in particular improving efficiency, utility, and value of software products and processes. CAICA members are particularly capable in the areas of e-commerce, always-connected systems (mobile/web), requirements engineering, and software testing.

Aims and Goals

Where we're going

CAICA intends to:-

  • identify research, commercial and training opportunities that will strategically advance the development of Malaysian innovation in the area of intelligent computing systems
  • promote, disseminate, and create awareness of fundamental capabilities and advances in intelligent systems to the general project
  • be the recognized centre in Malaysia for applications related to intelligent systems.
  • promote multi-disciplinary research into the integration of software and hardware for the development of commercially useful intelligent systems.
Message from the chairman

Get to know us better

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Applications combines a diverse company of researchers at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sg Long, Malaysia. As engineers and scientists, we tackle fundamental and applied problems in the areas of artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and software engineering. Of course, this is not an individual endeavour, and we deeply appreciate the partnerships and collaborations we’ve built past and present.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Arthur C. Clarke) is often used to emphasise technology and its achievement. However, in CAICA, we believe we can make magic happen, through a deep understanding and rigorous application of the latest in AI and computing-related technologies. We welcome you to partner with us in furthering the bounds of human knowledge, or to engage us in solving the problems you may be facing in your industry. With friends old and new, we continue to Imagine a Better Tomorrow for Malaysia and the world.

Dr. Ng Oon-Ee
Chairman of CAICA
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman